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What is April Health?

April Health provides mental health support in partnership with your primary care provider. We can help you manage a variety of concerns such as feeling down, stressed, anxious, alone and many other issues that might be keeping you from feeling your best.

Who is April Health for?

Our program is for individuals experiencing stress, anxiety, or those who feel down or alone. We also serve people who are experiencing significant life changes, chronic illness, or loss of a loved one.

When can I expect to start feeling better?

Most patients start to see a significant benefit within 3 months of starting the program, and typically complete treatment 6-9 months after starting.

Is April Health covered by insurance?

Yes! Our program is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial plans so that you can get high quality care, typically with a low monthly co-pay. The April Health team can help you understand your exact responsibility before your first appointment.

What's included?

Consistent appointments via phone or video with a dedicated care manager

Ongoing support and monitoring of your progress

Seamless communication with your primary care provider

Medication treatments guided by a licensed psychiatrist (optional)

Comprehensive care starts here.

Achieve mental and physical wellness for a happier, healthier life.

How April Health works


Your primary care provider refers you to our team


You'll meet with your Care Manager on the phone or via video visit every 1-2 weeks.


You'll work with your Care Manager and partnering psychiatrist to create a personalized plan.


We'll keep your primary care provider informed as we work to help you feel your best.

We support patients dealing with a variety of issues:


We understand the unique factors that may contribute to depression


We are here to get at the heart of your anxiety.

Grief & Loss

Losing a loved can take its toll on your mental and emotional state.

Chronic Illness

Ongoing medical issues take affect mental health. We’ll work toward a plan together.

Life Changes

We understand that health, relationship, and life changes take time to adjust to.


Relationships shift and change as we get older. We’re here to help.

Who are our clinicians?

We employ experienced mental health professionals and psychiatrists so we can provide the highest levels of care.

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