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We are your integrated behavioral health team, partnering with you to provide high quality care to your patients.

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Why integrate with April Health

Save time and stress

PCPs are overburdened and don’t have the time or resources to treat behavioral health issues. April Health’s team can take this off their plate.

Improve patient outcomes

Studies have found that collaborative care is more than 2x as effective at driving patient symptoms to remission than traditional care.

Activate a new revenue stream

We enable you to bill for collaborative care services, covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial payors, driving meaningful new revenue for your practice

How April Health works

Identify patients in need

With the support of our software, clinicians identify patients struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, or other mental health issues, and send a referral to our behavioral health team via their EHR.

Connect with experienced Behavioral Health Care Managers

We schedule an initial consultation with the patient and facilitate ongoing psychosocial support appointments via phone or video to help patients address behavioral health issues and get back to feeling like themselves again.

Get medication consultation

Our psychiatric consultants help primary care providers deliver the best treatment possible for patients that considers their age and co-morbidities.

See progress through collaborative treatment

We will continue to meet with each patient, helping to drive their symptoms to remission, all while keeping you in the loop along the way through the EHR.

We support patients dealing with a variety of issues:


We understand the unique factors that may contribute to depression


We are here to get at the heart of your patients’ anxiety.

Grief & Loss

Losing a loved can take its toll on your patient's mental and emotional state.

Chronic Illness

Ongoing medical issues take affect mental health. We’ll work toward a plan together.

Life Changes

We understand that health, relationship, and life changes take time to adjust to.


Relationships shift and change as we get older. We’re here to help.

Who are our clinicians?

We employ experienced mental health professionals and psychiatrists so we can provide patients with the highest levels of care.

Why did we build April Health?

Speaking to hundreds of primary care physicians we've heard first hand just how intense the need for mental health support has become.

In response, we’ve brought together a team of counselors and psychiatrists dedicated to creating the first purpose-built resource to help doctors better manage the overwhelming need for mental care.

“Because there are no resources in my community, I personally treat almost all of my patients with mental health issues. April Health gives me the resources and confidence to manage this caseload.

Primary Care Provider


Research shows that a combination of medication and counseling is most effective at treating behavioral health and April Health helps me with both.”

Primary Care Provider


Treating patient’s mental health in primary care helps reduce the stigma and lowers the barrier to getting help. Our older patients are highly receptive when they know we’re still driving their care.”

Primary Care Provider


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